Fabrizio Sassano Gioconda Collection of Memory Bracelets: Gifts
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Fabrizio Sassano Gioconda Collection of Memory Bracelets: Charming, Thoughtful Gifts

28 Nov 2022
By Fabrizio Design Gioconda Collection of Memory Bracelets: Charming, Thoughtful Gifts By Fabrizio Design
Fabrizio Sassano’s Gioconda Collection contains a extensive number of memory bracelets that are elegant, reflective testaments to classic style, life-journey, personal experience and cultural influences. Each design is carefully selected by Fabrizio Sassano before being meticulously handcrafted in our studio in Los Cabos, Mexico. The Gioconda Collection of memory bracelets exhibits poise, grace, and objective aesthetic merits, and contains highlights that will make exquisite, thoughtful gifts.

Why Memory Bracelets?

Jewelry has been used by cultures around the world, since time immemorial, for too many purposes, symbolic and concrete, to list within the short scope of this space. It has been crafted, displayed, and presumably gifted for nearly 100,000 years - long predating both agriculture and written languages. The need to distill, create, and display is in our essence.

The development of culture and the creation of jewelry are inextricably intertwined. Classical societies, such as those of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, created jewelry from precious and semi-precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and even jet, or jewel-grade coal.

These ancient creations were likely expressed with the intention of communicating wealth and status, but it is likely that the creators, and wearers, both separately believed in the innate metaphysical properties of these metals and stones. Some today still believe that certain materials, tokens, and talismans have selective, protective powers.

Giving jewelry as a token of love and dedication may be a relatively new cultural phenomenon, but the practice carries all of the accumulated weight of the significance that jewelry has accrued throughout the eons. Making a gift of jewelry, particularly handmade jewelry, is making an indelible statement of affection, appreciation, dedication, or devotion. It matters little what the occasion is; there is so much traditional import wrapped up in the act.

A piece of jewelry like a memory bracelet is not just an aesthetic treasure. It is an ever-present reminder of the relationship between the offeror and the recipient. It is a visible token of love, faith, honesty, and dedication. Handmade jewelry is more than just a method to complete an ensemble with a model accent. The gift of jewelry communicates the expression of love, the affection of appreciation, and can even recognize achievements that are the fruits of hard labor and dedication.

Like all Fabrizio Sassano, our memory bracelets are instilled with a unique and distinct charm that is captured and displayed through select, semi-precious metals and stones, and even more unique styles, such as the elegant Entorchado technique of twisting metal wire into intricate forms. However, our memory bracelets make exceptional gifts, fitting for many occasions, thanks to their unique graces.

For What Occasions Are Memory Bracelets Fitting Gifts?

Memory Bracelets

Memory bracelets can make original, heartfelt gifts for many of life’s special occasions, especially when taking into account the symbolic significance of the natural, semi-precious materials that we use.

For instance, many of our memory bracelets are lovingly handcrafted using beautiful freshwater pearls. These pearls often exhibit minor variations in hue, shape, size, and surface irregularities that make them somewhat more piquant than saltwater pearls.

They also make excellent anniversary gifts. Consider, for instance, that pearls are traditionally linked with the dedication and devotion associated with the 30th anniversary, the “Pearl Anniversary.” Freshwater pearl bracelets also make considerate gifts for other important milestones, other anniversaries, and holidays.

Many of our bracelets are also made with stunning turquoise, a deep, placid blue natural stone that is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and tranquility. It also happens to be one of the “blue” stones associated with December birthdays. That makes our turquoise memory bracelets particularly thoughtful birthday gifts for those born in December. Consider also birthday gifts of agate bracelets for those born in September, aventurine bracelets for those born under the Zodiacal sign Cancer, and amethyst bracelets for those born in February.

Aligning the artistic use of stones in our bracelets with the stones associated with the zodiac or birthstones is only one way to make a birthday offering. Many of these natural stones are bestowed for their symbolic significance. Consider hematite, which is believed by some to strengthen and protect, morganite, which is believed to protect innocence and foster true love, and quartz, which is symbolic of healing and improved energy levels.

All of our handcrafted memory bracelets are made with an eye on these details and are made specifically with stones that have rich historical, cultural, and symbolic significance. In addition to making excellent gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, they also make unique and thoughtful gifts for other special occasions, such as at graduations or for holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Other gifts from our catalog make great gifts at other times of the year and for celebrating life’s special milestones, including but not limited to baptism, christenings, weddings, and a variety of holidays that occur throughout the year. Of course, gifts do not always require a prerequisite special occasion. Our memory bracelets and other handcrafted jewelry will make a nice gift for your wife or girlfriend at any time of year, simply as a token of your love and adoration for her.

About the Process

Memory Bracelets

Fabrizio Sassano has followed a lifelong love of fashion and design, and for the past 20 years has devoted his creative acumen to developing his own unique sense of style.

This website is a testament to his works of art in natural stones and semi-precious metals, including but not limited to bracelet’s, rings, earrings, necklaces, rosaries and other unique accessories.

His designs are inspired variously by experience, art, culture, religion, history, and sundry traditions, and converge in the ethereal yet grounded designs that illuminate these collections. Each and every design is individually selected by Fabrizio Sassano and approved before being carefully, deliberately handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Los Cabos, Mexico. Each one is therefore imbued with a completely individual spirit, a uniqueness that is shared with nothing else in our collection and no other piece in the world.

All of these designs are carefully crafted from high quality materials. Satisfaction is guaranteed and supported by 24/7 customer service.

If you have any questions or would like recommendations, please contact us at Hello@fabriziosassano.com.

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